Mobile concrete mixing plant of the three requirements for weighing system

Working environment and working conditions determine the concrete mixing station in a lot of specific requirements, the great strength of concrete is weighing system weighing error, so the weighing system is very important, mobile weighing systems in most of the concrete mixing station requirements are relatively high, specific requirements are as follows: Category to complete, said the kind of complete preselected value; converting to easy to adapt to a variety of different sizes and matching requirements; to be solid and reliable , stable performance, simple structure, easy to operate. Its Zhenheng construction equipment company to hfj350 small cement mixer provide our clients with the specific requirements of some suggestions for reference:

First, requiring corrosion resistance. Because the concrete mixing station in harsh environments, temperature and humidity vary greatly, there must be resistance. Hybrid concrete production process will produce dust, because of the need cement, coal ash and the amount of additives in the production process, these items will produce dust in the production process. In a production process, it will be attached to some of the load cell surface dust. Because the production process of temperature and humidity are large, in the role of dust and moisture, it will corrode the sensor. Therefore, damage powder scale sensors would be more frequent.

Second, to construct special designs. Usage weighing system also depends on the personal qualities of staff. Concrete mixing station is usually installed at the construction site, the construction site has a lot of temporary workers, many of them temporary low levels of literacy, skill is not high. During maintenance and washing machine, probably damaged by improper operation of the sensor. Therefore, the sensor to be specially designed to prevent misuse.

Third, concrete mixing station needs a lot of space, which is the temperature and humidity range needs. Concrete mixing station working environment is more complex, harsh operating conditions, which with ordinary electronic scales are not the same, stable work environment china concrete mixer truck hire supplier for dongfeng 12 cbm sale common electronic scale measurement of commerce, concrete mixing station in stress load sensor has great randomness. Concrete mixing station under normal circumstances is an open-air installation, temperature and humidity sensors are in an unstable state, often the wind and sun. Water is essential to the production process of the concrete. In the water delivery process will create a more humid environment. In the thermostat mixing building, there are low temperature conditions and high temperature conditions of the points. At low temperature conditions, the summer hot weather running process will be carried out in subzero cold and ice stirring, this time humidity will be enormous.

Winter small concrete mixing station construction need to pay attention to what matters On the current small concrete mixing station in terms of direct impact on the quality of the concrete construction quality is good or bad, if the quality is not good and also will directly affect the companys profitability. Therefore, the construction of concrete quality must meet the standards for the job or produced is waste also wasted a lot of resources. But often in the cold winter, the concrete production will be subject to certain restrictions, Zhenheng construction equipment company as a small business manufacturer of concrete mixing station, followed by the members explain in detail the concrete production in the cold winter construction which basic Claim.

1, the best selection of winter construction of cheap eco-friendly automatic cement mixer made in china concrete or Portland cement is Portland cement, cement standard not less than 32.5 per cubic meter of concrete are not less than the amount of cement 300kg, water-cement ratio is not greater than 0.6, and to join the early strength agent, in the necessary time to join antifreeze, which can be determined according to the temperature conditions. 2, in order to prevent and reduce the cracking, we in the production of concrete should be fit for the water consumption, water consumption to be reduced to the lowest limit. Matching approach is: to control slump, adding water reducer, superplasticizer in the selection of the preferred time to superplasticizer. 3. In the preparation of concrete and insulation in the removal of the template should have to wait until the time when the concrete is cooled to 5 ℃ for. When the concrete temperature difference with the outside world is greater than the 20 ℃, when the concrete surface after form removal, should also maintain a temporary covering, allowed to cool slowly. 4, due to the high brittleness of concrete cooling yet, so we should pay attention to the structure must not let it cool down before impact, load or dynamic load effect.